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Norma Law Center has made a breakthrough by providing online legal support services in Azerbaijan. Our company is at the service of 24/7 users. There is an online service and *0005 call center through the site and social networks for easy organization of users' appeals.


The purpose of the tourist package is to be a friend of tourists visiting Azerbaijan. During their stay in Azerbaijan, tourists can get support for any problems they face by contacting our call center * 0005, which operates 24/7.

According to the World Bank's Doing Business Report 2020, Azerbaijan ranks 34th out of 190 countries in the world in terms of starting a business. In recent years, the rapid and modern electronicization of all types of tax services in Azerbaijan, makes Azerbaijan attractive for foreign businesses and investors.

The official registration fee for a local LLC in Azerbaijan is 11 azn. The state fee for registration of representative offices and branches of a foreign legal entity is 220 azn.

In Azerbaijan, we periodically encounter illegal business activities. Illegal entrepreneurial activity is an activity carried out without state registration in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, or without obtaining a special permit (license), as well as in violation of the terms of licensing or use of objects with limited civil circulation without special permission.

According to Article 192 of the Criminal Code, when engaging in this activity causes significant damage to individuals or legal entities, or the state, as well as obtaining a significant amount of income, a fine of two to three times the damage caused as a result of the crime (earned income) or a shall be punished by correctional works for a term of up to one year or imprisonment for a term of up to six months.

Along with the will of the heir, the mandatory share is one of the topical issues in inheritance. Thus, the testator's children, parents and wife (husband) have an obligatory share in the inheritance, regardless of the content of the will. This share must be half of the share (compulsory share) due to them at the time of succession by law. According to the Civil Code, adoptive parents and adopted children are included in the list of heirs of the first stage. For this reason, these persons are also entitled to a compulsory share in the inheritance.

Sometimes drivers who violate the traffic rules avoid the scene of the incident. In this case, 327.6 of the Code of Administrative Offenses. According to the law, the driver of a vehicle who violates traffic rules is fined in the amount of one hundred manats for avoiding the scene of a traffic accident.

According to the Family Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan, if the spouses do not have common children under the age of majority, the marriage can be terminated by the relevant executive authority based on their consent. In this case, both parties can apply to the registry office where the marriage was concluded or to the registry office at the address where one of them is registered. A mediation fee of 50 AZN and a court fee of 50 AZN are provided for divorce. That is, the person applying for divorce pays a fee of 100 AZN in total.

Targeted State Social Assistance is monetary assistance provided by the state to low-income families. But who can apply for this help?

Low-income families whose average monthly income for reasons beyond their control is lower than the sum of the criterion of need for each family member have the right to receive state social assistance. Those reasons include: Family members are unable to work, a family member who is able to work takes care of a person with a first-degree disability, a child under the age of 8 or a child under the age of 18 with limited health capabilities, receiving full-time education up to the age of 23, the cancellation of a state body or legal entity by the relevant executive authority, and or being registered as unemployed due to the number of employees or staff reductions, death, being considered missing or dead by the court, deprivation of liberty, the whereabouts of a family member being unknown.                                                     

The list of persons who can receive assistance according to the law "On Addressed State Social Assistance" includes persons who receive and give alimony. That is, if you receive or give alimony, you can still apply for UDSY if you meet the relevant indicators. However, we should also note that, according to the law on granting UDSY, in calculating the average monthly income of the family, the actually paid alimony is deducted from the family's total income, while the actual received alimony is taken into account in the family's total income..

According to Article 477 of the Civil Code, if 1 year has passed since the expiration of the contract and the bank has not made any demands against the guarantor during this period, the guaranty contract is terminated. Even if the bank sues the guarantor after 1 year, the case should be terminated.

You can get alimony as a result of informal marriage!

So, according to Article 75 of the Family Code, parents are obliged to support their children. This duty continues until the child reaches adulthood. Food, clothing, medical care, recreation, etc. are included in the maintenance of the child. including the payment of such requirements. In formal or informal families, a woman or a man has the right to request alimony and this is regulated by law. At this time, even though you are officially married, you need to apply to the court with a claim. According to the Family Code, alimony is calculated from the time of the application to the court. Whether or not the marriage is dissolved does not affect the amount of alimony.

This year, more than 40,000 drivers were fined for crossing the bus lane. Thus, according to Article 327.1 of the Code of Administrative Offenses, cars that violate the rules are fined in the amount of 40 manats both for violating the marking line requirement and for violating the rules for placing the vehicle on the road. If that lane is separated from the remaining lanes by a broken marking line, it is possible to cross and stop in this lane only to pick up or drop off a passenger and immediately start moving and leave it. At this time, it is forbidden to obstruct the bus.

In some cases, property is not divided between husband and wife during divorce. Let's get acquainted with these cases:

• If the property was acquired before marriage;

• If the property is donated;

• If the property was acquired through personal funds and not through general earnings;

• If there is such a provision in the marriage contract;

• If the property is registered in the name of the child.

Thus, according to Article 89 of the Family Code, minor grandchildren in need of assistance, if they cannot receive financial assistance from their parents for maintenance, they have the right to receive alimony from grandparents who have the necessary funds. But if the grandparents do not have the ability to work and work, they cannot pay alimony.

One of the problems that arise during a divorce is the division of property. This issue raises more questions if the property is mortgaged.  At the time of divorce, the amount remaining from the mortgage must be paid equally by both parties, respectively. In some cases, one of the parties, for example, a woman, may refuse to pay this debt. In this case, the man must return 50% of the payments to the woman. After that, only the man should make the payment and in the end he should keep the house. If the man refuses to pay this money to the woman, the court must give the woman a corresponding share of that amount from the apartment. At the same time, they can sell the apartment through the court. In this case, the woman's share is paid to her from the amount obtained from the sale.

• When the validity period expires;

• When the owner's last name, first name or patronymic is changed;

• When mistakes are identified in his writings;

• When it becomes unusable;

• When lost.

Many citizens who did not divide property on the eve of divorce are wondering whether it is possible later. Yes, according to Article 36.9 of the Family Code, a 3-year claim period applies to their request for the division of the common property of the spouses when the marriage is broken. That is, it is possible to file a claim within 3 years.

Upon dismissal, the employee's documentation must be carried out in the following form:

The order (order, decision) of the employer on the termination of the employment contract must be signed by him and confirmed with the seal of the enterprise;

A copy of this order must be given to the employee on the last working day, along with the employee's work book and the employer's last account;

The term "final account" refers to cash compensation for unused vacation leave, salary payable to the employee, and other payments.

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