One day, everyone needs the law.
Norma Law Center is a company specializing in the protection of tourist rights, migration to Azerbaijan, corporate legal services for foreigners in Azerbaijan (opening companies, distribution of shares, corporate law and accounting, auditing, and HR), investment and market research.

Norma Law Center has made a breakthrough by providing online legal support services in Azerbaijan. Our company is at the service of 24/7 users. There is an online service and *0005 call center through the site and social networks for easy organization of users' appeals.


The purpose of the tourist package is to be a friend of tourists visiting Azerbaijan. During their stay in Azerbaijan, tourists can get support for any problems they face by contacting our call center * 0005, which operates 24/7.

There are various forms of migration to Azerbaijan. The most popular of these are to set up a business in Azerbaijan, to work, to own any property if you have certain funds in a bank account, or to have a close relationship with an Azerbaijani citizen.

According to the World Bank's Doing Business Report 2020, Azerbaijan ranks 34th out of 190 countries in the world in terms of starting a business. In recent years, the rapid and modern electronicization of all types of tax services in Azerbaijan, makes Azerbaijan attractive for foreign businesses and investors.

The official registration fee for a local LLC in Azerbaijan is 11 azn. The state fee for registration of representative offices and branches of a foreign legal entity is 220 azn.

Privacy Policy

The platform guarantees the protection, technical security, and confidentiality of the member's personal information.

Confidentiality is ensured during the preparation of documents, online or physical reception, and consultation.

The platform is responsible for protecting the privacy of the user's personal information and undertakes not to disclose the information to third parties.

The information may be provided only in exceptional cases, with the written consent of the user or a court decision.

The user must not share personal information (personal cabinet password, login, etc.) with others and is responsible for it.

Norma Law Center does not have the user's confidential card information and does not keep it.

1.1 By accepting this agreement, the User registers on the platform (hereinafter the platform) of the Norma Legal Center and confirms its acceptance of the terms.

1.2 The user must ensure the accuracy of the information required during registration, if necessary, upload the documents to the portal, and if necessary, provide the original or a certified copy.

1.3 The platform reserves the right to change the rules, terminate cooperation due to illegal actions, and refuse to offer any services.

1.4 The platform provides members with information on changes to the rules.

2. Liability of the parties to the agreement (Terms of return and change, payment and cancellation procedure)

2.1 is not responsible for the damage caused to the user due to the delay in sending the necessary and required documents to the platform, ie due to non-fulfillment of the user's obligations.

2.2 The user and the platform should inform each other about unexpected changes that occur in the interaction. In case of force majeure, the parties reserve the right to terminate or suspend the contract in whole or in part.

2.2 Members of the Platform are required to behave in accordance with ethical rules, swearing, insults, and slander against individuals are not allowed. Such cases are grounds for blocking and removing a member from the platform.

2.4 The User may only request the provision of the service of his choice and payment. Other services require additional selection and payment. Payment is made from the system online (via bank cards) increasing the balance.

2.5 The user is responsible for refusing the advice and recommendations of Failure of the user to use the paid service is not a ground for a refund.

2.6. The member has the right to apply to the platform in connection with the dispute (legal, technical, internet use, etc.).

2.7 Disputes related to are considered in the form of a claim before the court within 20 working days and the claim is sent to the platform by creating a request on the website