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Preparation of applications and other documents for obtaining a temporary residence permit (prolongation) on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan;

Legal assistance for obtaining or prolongation a work permit to engage in a paid labor activity on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan;

Legal assistance in registration at the place of residence in the Republic of Azerbaijan;

Legal assistance in prolongation temporary stay in the Republic of Azerbaijan.


Registration, liquidation, amalgamation, division, separation, and reorganization of all types of legal entities;

Preparation or amendment of the legal entity's constituent documents, also it's charter;

Comprehensive support of legal issues arising in the course of economic activity of the enterprise or organization;

Preparation of agreements in various fields, legal examination of submitted draft contracts, participation in the definition and discussion of contractual obligations, making additions and amendments to contracts in the process of execution or taking measures to terminate the contract;

Drawing up contracts to be concluded with foreign persons or companies in the required foreign language and in accordance with international law;

Provision of legislative base (in paper or electronic formats); 

Obtaining licenses and permits;

Preparation of employment contracts and consulting services on labor law;

Carrying out a legal audit of the enterprise or organization and submitting a written report on the results;

Legal support of bankruptcy and liquidation processes; 

Out-of-court and judicial settlement of economic disputes;

Protection of the rights and interests of the enterprise or organization before the state or judicial authorities, as well as third parties;

  • Macroeconomic results and position of the country, 
  • Analysis of sales and service markets in the country,
  • Competitor analysis,
  • Analysis of tax and customs legislation, 
  • The main problems while working, 
  • Provision of accounting services, 
  • Drawing up business plans,
  • Provision of legal assistance,
  • Promotion of products and services in the country's market.


  • Scientifics. The analysis must comply with the requirements of economic laws, use the achievements of science and technology.
  • Systems approach. Economic analysis must be carried out taking into account all the laws of the developing system, that is, to study the phenomena in their interconnection and interdependence.
  • Complexity. When researching, it is necessary to take into account the influence on the economic activity of the enterprise of many factors.
  • Research in dynamics. In the process of analysis, all phenomena should be considered in their development, which makes it possible not only to understand them but also to find out the reasons for the changes.
  • Highlighting the main goal. An important point in the analysis is the formulation of the research problem and the identification of the most important reasons holding back production or hindering the achievement of the goal.

Advising on obtaining permits for hunting in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan (including the hunting of wild animals);


Property documentation;

Distribution of property;

Providing legal advice on the establishment of new property;

Legal support of the process of purchase or sale of property or other alienation;

Protection of civil rights;

Solving of issues related to state registration of property and other rights to movable and immovable property;

Providing legal advice on the transfer of residential to non-residential and non-residential to residential;

Resolving legal inheritance issues; Settlement of other property disputes;


All types of contracts, including purchase and sale, debt, lease, order, contract, concession (distribution), cooperation agreements, franchising agreements, agency agreements, financial and legal advice agreements, confidentiality (non-disclosure), trade secret agreements, preparation of drafts of various types of commercial contracts, including distribution agreements (for forwarding activities), agreements for the supply of goods (commodity), agreements for the supply of services, etc.;

Legal support of negotiations with counterparties;

Regulation of issues related to the preparation, conclusion, execution, amendment, and termination of contracts and agreements in all areas of civil turnover in accordance with the legislation;

Legal audit of contracts in the process of execution, preparation of a report on existing legal risks;

Drawing up contracts to be concluded with foreign persons or companies in the required foreign language and in accordance with international law;

Providing legal advice on resolving disputes arising out of the performance of contractual obligations;


Execution of procurement procedures at the request of the purchasing entity in accordance with local and international procurement requirements;

Preparation of a set of basic tender conditions;

Preparation of procurement contracts;

Preparation of tender proposals;

Tender and other procurement issues.


Corporate legal services to banks and other financial institutions;

Legal regulation of relations between creditors and debtors;

Out-of-court or judicial settlement of credit and other financial claims;

Settlement of disputes over loan, guarantee, collateral and savings agreements;

Deferment of debt obligations to the collateral or other property of the debtor;

Preliminary identification of possible legal risks before the establishment of financial relations, elimination of gaps in order to minimize them, preparation of legal documents;

Providing legal services to the insurer on insurance disputes; Representation in court, executive or other government agencies; Management of problematic debts;