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Online consultation - Hotline

Online consultation - Hotline

2022-04-07 10:32:00

Norma Law Center, the first company in Azerbaijan to provide professional legal services both in the office and online, provides legal services to individuals.

Online consultation

First of all, we would like to inform you that Norma Law Center has a 24/7 * 0005 online consultation hotline. Our hotline is available to both our active subscribers and other individuals seeking legal services. Individuals who subscribe to the legal services of the Norma Law Center can use our legal services by contacting our hotline * 0005 at no extra charge. Our new clients who do not subscribe to our legal services can make an appointment to talk to a lawyer about their problems by contacting our hotline * 0005. The operator will contact you with a lawyer as soon as possible and he will answer your question. In addition, you can register on our website and submit an online inquiry regarding your legal questions. The cost of both the call and the service provided within the site is only 20 azn.