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What is legal company, what does legal company do? What is the job of Norma legal company

What is legal company, what does legal company do? What is the job of Norma legal company

2022-05-24 13:36:00

The legal company promotes legal thinking and legal education, encouraging the protection of rights of physical and legal entities in front of the law, and understanding of civil and corporative responsibility. Lawyers, and advocates implement their duty obligations in legal companies. Legal companies provide physical and legal entities with recommendations and other written services, etc. via lawyers, and works are conducted in accordance with legislation.

Legal companies in Azerbaijan are called law firms, legal bureaus, and legal centers too. But the concept of all of these is the same.

What does a law firm do?

Law firms consisting of lawyers, provide all rights of attorney in front of the law regardless of their being a physical or legal entity. In this case, while protecting your rights with services such as claim, complaint, and initiation of implementation proceedings, on the other side, the process of prevention or defense process of attacks on your personality, prestige, or company, the brand is loaded. Processes such as issuance of contracts defending your rights, and your self-defense in the claims, raised against you, are within the framework.

How can a law firm or legal company be launched?

It is necessary to register relevantly to establish a law firm or legal company in Azerbaijan. Three-year working experience is required for acting as an advocate, and then it is necessary to pass an exam and be admitted to the Bar Association. It is not necessary to have an advocate to establish a legal bureau, law firm, or legal company. However, a bachelor's diploma is the main term for being a Lawyer, the person should be a graduate of the law faculty for it.

How do legal companies work?

Law firms protect your rights before the law through legal ways with the legal services shown by lawyers, and advocates.

If you have a claim presented to any court, the attorneys will represent you over that claim. They try to prove that you are right before the law by defending the cases that you encountered, within the framework of legal forms. They represent and protect you in court proceedings, civil cases, criminal cases, tax cases, administrative cases, and executive cases.

Cases and situations not included in the Regulation are called excluded services “Consulting Services”.

In what areas do law firms provide services?

We mentioned above that what are the terms in order to open a law firm. So, more than one lawyer work in most law firms. For this reason, attorneys are provided with legal support in all areas of law in accordance with the knowledge and experience of lawyers. Law firms provide services in all areas, from executive works to criminal cases, from bankruptcy to divorce, and from inheritance to commercial.

Consulting services are also provided by law firms in cases that do not lead to litigation. Advice is provided in the Consulting service in connection with the legal consequences of disputes between individuals or legal entities that do not agree with individuals or legal entities.

Norma Law Center, as the first online law company in Azerbaijan, provides service to our attorney with our lawyer staff in all fields of law in matters to be appealed to state bodies, law enforcement agencies, or the court both in writing and orally. Especially, we protect the rights of all drivers with the “Driver’s right” package. In addition, we provide to write an application for complaint in the online form.

What is the best law company?

The best law company is where the most successful lawyers and attorneys are working. The most successful lawyer is the one who effectively defends the rights of his attorney before the law. In order for Lawyers and Attorneys to succeed in their work, communication between them and their clients must be at the maximum level. A good advocate listens to his attorney and well understands, then can get a positive result by defending his attorney with his acts in the most effective way before the law. A good lawyer defends the rights of his attorney as if he were defending his rights before the law.

Lawyers or Advocates working in the Norma Law Center defend the rights of their attorneys in each work and aim to protect their rights at a maximum level.

We call everyone to protect your rights!

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